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C3DAR Lab Classes

C3DAR Lab Classes are one of our  Education streams. We offer Coding, Design, AR/VR and Robotic Classes. The basic classes we offer are Intro to STEAM. If your child is older then 9 they can start attending our more basic classes such as Intro to Micro:Bit, 3D Printing, AR/VR, Media, Mobile Photography, Intro to Podcasting, After students they can begin to to the intermediate classes. Our goal is to continue to allow kids to Explore, Science and Technology through STEAM.

Our classes follow  a schedule as follows:

  • February 14 - April 9th, 2022 (Winter)
  • April 18 - June 11, 2022 
  • September - November (Fall 2022)
  • November - January 15, 2022 (No Classes : December 19 - January 2, 2022)