Tutoring – C3DAR LAB


C3DAR Lab has 2 tutoring options available. Option 1 is available for students K-6, and Option 2 are for students K-12. We offering Tutoring in Math, Writing, Reading, and more. Please contact us for a more detailed list. Parents can be book with their own personalized tutor on our Tutor Program Website


Option 1 - A vetted student from one of our local high schools. This tutor has achieved a high academic standard and confident in their ability to help support your child's needs. All sessions are 1 on 1, and further supported by an OCT Teacher on site. This is great for
students that are struggling but just need a little support. Sessions are $30.00/session.
Option 2 - An OCT certified tutor will support students that have large academic gaps and need help getting back on track. All sessions are 1 on 1 and will come with a road map for success personalized for your child. Sessions are $50/session.