Intro to Mobile Photography - Ages 10-16 – C3DAR LAB
Intro to  Mobile Photography - Ages 10-16

Intro to Mobile Photography - Ages 10-16

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Students between the ages of 10-16 years old will learn how to use their own cellphone or tablet to produce different kinds of photography through camera angles and lighting, through storytelling, and learning proper printing techniques. Students will learn about digital literacy and consider the effects of their digital foot print during this course.

Fees will cover the cost of the course, professional lighting equipment, software/apps, and printing fees for student work.

*** It is encouraged that students take Intro to Media before taking this course. Students will be focusing only on photography in this course with the intention to produce a final product***

Students are encouraged to bring their own laptop and will need their own mobile device (cellphone, iPod, tablet). Students are required to have their own GMail account so that they can save their produced work.

Classes are 8 weeks long.